QMS (ISO 9001)

QMS (ISO 9001)

Quality Management System (ISO 9001)

Quality management systems are used in most organizations, on the one hand as a necessity in terms of meeting customers' requirements and on the other hand as a means for creating a process management as a basic framework for streamlining production and services.

Organizations are increasingly aware that the process management and quality measurement of performance indicators are essential to keep pace with the competition and also as an important element for comparison with similar entities based on benchmarking. The quality management system and process control in production and services provision must be set correctly in order for this to work as a system according to some international standard.

  • Do you want to achieve more efficient processes and cost reduction when manufacturing and supplying of your products?
  • Do you want to be competitive when providing services and simultaneously optimizing costs of business activities?
  • Do you want to be more process-oriented partner to your customers?

Versa Systems, as a consulting firm and system integrator in the field of business consulting services, offers you an expert assistance with implementation of Quality management system – QMSPaket. We will help you tailored QMS exactly to your company needs based on the internationally recognized standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001) and in accordance with process management and best practices in your industry.

What is QMSPaket?

QMSPaket represents the implementation of quality management system based on a process basis in all activities of the organization. Such implemented quality management system provides customers, partners and third parties evidence of a system approach to the organization’s business activities and about continuous improvement of selected processes according to international standards. Implementation of QMSPaket serves as a precondition for eventual certification of quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001 and legislative regulations. Our consulting services are based on quality project management and on thorough knowledge of QMS process management, but also take into account conditions / requirements of customer. Implementation is always based upon the project which has several basic milestones. An essential starting point for each QMS implementation project is so called GAP assessment according to ISO 9001 (or possibly different quality standard). The aim of the GAP analysis is the evaluation of the QMS status within the organization, including the status of process management according to ISO 9001 requirements. Based on the results from GAP assessment we will suggest a schedule of work that need to be completed for successful implementation of all processes according to ISO 9001 standard and subsequent certification. Part of the implementation is concerned with design of metrics and specific KPIs for your organization. Within the implementation itself, we are designing the optimal model of processes, including the possible integration with already existing systems (e.g. EMS, OHSAS, etc.) and information systems. The necessary documentation will be created as well and our assistance when implementing QMS into practice and with setting up a basic framework for measuring and analyzing of individual processes according to models - such as Capability Maturity Model (CMM), Balanced Scorecard (BSC) etc.

What offers QMSPaket?

  • Implementation of quality management system (QMS), based on process basis according to ISO 9001, consists from the following basic stages:
    • analysis of the current status of quality management system within organization, scoping, strategy and the determination of the organization’s requirements
    • creation of necessary documentation according to the standard’s and company’s requirements
    • assistance with the implementation of individual QMS processes into company’s practice
    • assistance with internal audits and determination of compliance level with ISO 9001 requirements after implementation of all required QMS processes
    • assistance with preparations for certification audit and during the audit itself
  • •    Setting up the basic framework of processes (process map) according to ISO 9001 requirements, especially:
    • QMS process management system
    • Development of strategy and objectives for QMS
    • Process measurements and monitoring of objectives and metrics of processes
  • Assistance with implementation of management processes based on “Best practices” and standards of ISO 900x
  • Assistance in establishing metrics and goals for each QMS process according to CMM, BSC methodology etc.
  • Guarantee of a fixed price for the delivered solution
  • Individual approach of our consultants, our consultants have more than 15 years of experience with the implementation and re-engineering of processes and process management
  • Minimum burdening of organization’s staff
  • Execution of basic training for organization’s employees

Duration and price

  • The total time required for these activities depends on the support and cooperation of the customer (access to workplaces, course of activities according to the approved schedule, etc.)
  • Usually you can achieve the implementation of quality management system in 3 -10 months given to the complexity of the processes and the size of organization
  • We will prepare the specific price quotation tailored for you company, please contact us!

QMSPaket Benefits

  • QMSPaket will streamline your processes and where you still use functional management, it will help you switch to process management
  • By implementing QMS you will get better understanding of individual processes and the links between them
  • It will be easier for you to set goals, metrics and KPI for measuring individual processes
  • Clearer understanding of the legislative requirements
  • More flexible and faster adjustments to qualitative requirements of customers
  • QMSPaket will lead you through implementation of quality management system to certification
  • Certificate serves as evidence, that organization has managed, controlled and certified processes of quality management corresponding with international standards and “Best Practices”
  • Certificate will serve as an evidence for you customers and stakeholders that your QMS is audited by an independent third party which regularly checks your system

For whom is QMS suitable?

  • QMS is suitable for all organizations that have production or provide services and they want to upgrade their current management system to qualitatively higher level within its business processes
  • The basic aim of QMS is to provide evidence that quality management system is built in a way which guarantees the supply of products in a defined quality

QMS – based on …?

  • QMS – quality management system according to ISO 9001 is process-oriented platform for process management of business activities and for measurement of their performance based on defined metrics and objectives
  • QMS was standardized by two complementary standards ISO 9001 and ISO 9004. These standards define the basic requirements and also give basic guidance for implementation and further improvement of QMS
  • For successful implementation and effective operation of QMS mere compliance with standard’s requirements is not enough. The system should be also implemented on the operational level and also all requirements of process management should be implemented into organization’s conditions.

QMS – Quality Management System according to ISO 9001

  • ISO 900x standards are internationally recognized standards that specify requirements for quality management system for organizations of all types
  • ISO 900x standards aim to support high quality of business processes
  • ISO 900x standard provides mechanisms that help to develop strategy and competitiveness of company
  • ISO 900x standards describe principles of organization’s management system in accordance with process management, continuous improvement, customers’ requirements satisfaction and PDCA cycle    
  • The primary focus of quality management systems is on processes which are concerned with meeting the need of customers

For us always apply that:

  • Implemented system should not be an obstacle to main organization’s business activities
  • Minimum of bureaucracy and maximum of benefits for the company and customer
  • With clearly and precisely defined system meet the requirements of ISO 9001 standard in the shortest time possible
  • We guarantee not only to meet the deadline of certification audit but obtaining of a certificate as well!