Information and Content Lifecycle Management

We offer implementation of Information lifecycle management and digital content management.

Data, information, documents and records are important assets in any organization. Thus, it is even more important to set up their correct management in order for an authorized user to get to specific information as soon as possible and in the corresponding structure.

Information and Content lifecycle management system is a comprehensive system for administration and management of data, information, documents and records, including administration of their content based on defined politics, methodologies, procedures and tools, which are used to capture, manage, store, protect, supply of content, information and documents till their storage and final disposal.

Information and Content lifecycle management system combines components that might be used as stand-alone systems or applications without having to be included into the organization's overall system. Versa Systems addresses this issue systematically and procedurally, and in addition to setting up the systems approach from the perspective of information lifecycle management and their content as a whole, we can help you especially in the following areas:

  • Documents and records management system
  • Workflow, as a support for organization's process management – easy creation of process flows and links in graphic form and their conversion into MS Sharepoint environment
  • Business process management – offers tools for management, optimization, automation and clarity of business processes. Read more here.
  • Protection of digital content – primarily it is about the protection of important information, documents and records in terms of unauthorized access (IRM, DRM) or misuse or leakage from authorized personnel (DLP systems)
  • Do you need to implement, outsource or improve your approach to information and content management at your organization?
  • Do you want to achieve more efficient approach to search and utilization of different information content?
  • Do you want to achieve greater and more rapid overview of information and documents in your organization?
  • Do you need to create, operate or manage data and records according to valid legislation and adequately protect them from unauthorized access or abuse?

Versa Systems, as a consulting firm and system integrator in the field of business consulting services, offers you an expert assistance with implementation of effective and simple information and content lifecycle management system. We also offer assistance with development of specific parts of such system according to requirements and needs of your organization. We can't implement all "technological" components but we know how to implement system in accordance with process management and the best practices in your industry.

What is IDMPaket?

IDMPaket represents implementation of information and content lifecycle management system or implementation of solution of specific part, or component from Versa Systems' portfolio.
Such solution of information and content lifecycle management system provides organization with possibility of choices which are part of the solutionto create the best fit for company's requirements. Implementation of IDMPaket serves as a precondition for an increase of efficiency of information and content management, it gives high guarantee for successful completion of a project and meeting the set of indicators (primarily costs, time, objective, risks and benefits). Our consulting services are based on a quality project management and on expert knowledge of process management of information and digital content, but also take into account the conditions of the organization. Implementation is always based upon the project which has several basic milestones. An essential starting point for each IDMPaket implementation project is so called situational analysis of information and digital content management status. The aim of the situational analysis is the evaluation of the status of information and digital content management in the entire lifecycle and specification of requirements for information and digital content management system from customer's perspective. Based on the results from analysis we will prepare a case study and propose the best solution for your problems. After the approval of scope and subject of solution for information and digital content management system, we will suggest a schedule of work, including detail budget so the successful implementation of chosen scope for information and digital content management system under the pre-defined conditions would be achieved. Part of the implementation is concerned with the design of an optimal model for information and digital content management system including possible integration with already existing systems (e.g. CRM, accounting, ERP etc.). Next, we will develop necessary methodological documentation including suitable templates and we will assist you with the implementation of information and digital content management system into practice and with setting up of the basic framework for measurements and analysis of individual processes according to CMM model.

What offers IDMPaket?

IDMPaket solution is a flexible set of products and solutions that are always adaptable to customers' requirements for implementation of scope and objectives. IDMPaket offers:

  • Implementation of information and content lifecycle management system based on international standards and technologies
  • Implementation of DMS (Document Management System), which is based on MS Sharepoint platform and it is design and configured based on the organization's needs in the areas of administration, circulation, sharing and communication of information and their digital content
  • Design and implementation of solution for the automated design of business processes and their changes through workflow. The solution facilitates collaboration of users and accelerates the approval process in organization.
    This solution is based on MS Vision Premium Workflow platform or Nintex and the graphical design of workflow is transformed into MS Sharepoint, which is used here as a base of portal solution. Properties of our proposed solution:
    • Easier design of processes for automation of activities in organization (e.g. documentation approval, accounting documents approval, change management, incident management, corrective actions, control tasks, etc.)
    • Development of control mechanisms to ensure timeliness of fulfillment of various statutory, regulatory or contractual requirements
    • Clarity and reduction of human errors in the design or change of a sequence of dependent activities and responsibilities
    • Reduction of administrative and time-consuming individual actions, clear monitoring and identification of employees with clear links to assigned tasks and responsibilities
    • Reduction of the amount of paper approval protocols
  • Design and implementation of Record management
    The solution enables comprehensive management of records in electronic and paper form so it will suit to defined standards and laws (e.g. ISO 15489 and ISO/TR 15489, Act No. 499/2004 etc.). The solution covers management of all organization's records (electronic records, video and sound recordings, etc.). Supports management of electronic records lifecycle, including their long-term preservation, archiving and shredding
  • Design of system and process solution for building a trusted digital repository. Assistance when developing and implementing of a trusted digital repository according to the requirements of ISO 14721 and ISO 16363 and preparation for certification according to ISO 16363
  • Design and implementation of system solution for digital content protection. Part of the solution is concerned with the design of the overall process structure of the system for digital content protection, including the design of suitable technological platform and solution for management of access right to information (IRM or DRM) or solution for preventing data leakage (DLP – Data Leakage Protection) from IS/IT systems within organization
  • Individual approach of our consultants, our consultants have more than 10 years of experience with the implementation of information and content lifecycle management system

Duration and price

  • The total time required for these activities is depends on the support and cooperation of the customer (access to workplaces, course of activities according to the approved schedule, etc.)
  • Usually you can achieve the implementation of information and content management system in 2 – 18 months given the complexity of the processes and the size of organization
  • We will prepare the specific price quotation tailored for you company, please contact us !

IDMPaket Benefits

  • IDMPaket will streamline your processes of information and digital content management
  • By implementing IDMPaket you will achieve an increase of awareness and flexibility of individual employees and entire teams
  • It will be easier for you to set goals, metrics and KPI for measuring individual processes
  • Better understanding of competencies and responsibilities of individual members of project teams
  • More flexible and faster reactions to the customers' requirements, better overview of the activities and course of communication with customers
  • Improvement of traceability of individual activities and employees responsibilities

ICLMS – for whom it is suitable?

  • ICLMS is suitable for all organizations that want to management information and their content systematically and procedurally, or they want their existing information and content management system get to qualitatively higher level within their business activities scope
  • Information and content lifecycle management system is necessary for organizations that what to implement workflow, that want to effectively control business costs, that want to manage internal documentation and records and intelligently search information among them, that want to protect their know-how against unauthorized access or misuse by authorize personnel, that want to effectively achieve compliance with legislation
  • Information and content lifecycle management system is suitable for all organizations, but it depends on themselves, how comprehensive administration and management of information they want to have

ICLMS – based on what..?

  • Information and content lifecycle management system from Versa Systems is flexible, process-oriented solution, based on ECM principles (Enterprise Content Management), on international standards and EU legislation
  • It is a platform for system management of information and digital content lifecycle in defined scope, with defined costs, known risks, in required quality and with anticipated benefits
  • For successful implementation and effective operation of information and content lifecycle management system mere creation of strategy, policy, procedures and meeting requirements is not enough. The information and content lifecycle management system and its every part needs to be implemented also on the operational level and also implemented all requirements within organization's conditions, including necessary training, understanding of individual processes, determination of clear responsibilities and tailoring of "Best practices" to organization's conditions and culture

For us always apply that:

  • Implemented information and content lifecycle management system should not be an obstacle and administrative barrier to main organization's business activities
  • Minimum of bureaucracy and maximum of benefits for the company and customer
  • With clearly and precisely defined instructions meet the customers' requirements in the shortest time possible