EMS  (ISO 14001)

EMS (ISO 14001)

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

Implementation of environmental system according to ISO 14001 (EMS)

Protection of the environment is used in most organizations, on the one hand, as a necessity in terms of meeting the requirements of legislation and on the other hand as a means for creating such production and services processes which are less harmful to the environment. Organizations are increasingly aware how important is the protection of the environment in the context to their social responsibility to the city or municipality in which they operate and on the other hand, they feel increasing pressure from the stakeholders to reduce environmental burden. Protection of the environment during production and provision of services must be managed in a way so all of this would work as a system according to some international standard.

  • Do you want to achieve reduction of environmental impacts during the production of your products?
  • Do you want to be competitive when providing services and simultaneously optimizing costs on environmental protection?
  • Do you want to be environmentally oriented partner to your customers?

Versa Systems, as a consulting firm and system integrator in the field of business consulting services, offers you an expert assistance with implementation of environmental management system – EMSPaket. We will help you tailored EMS exactly to your company needs based on the internationally recognized standards (ISO 14001, EMAS) and in accordance with valid environmental legislation.

What is EMSPaket?

EMSPaket represents implementation of environmental management system in all activities of the organization. Such implemented environmental management system provides customers, partners and third parties evidence of social responsibility for protection of the environment and continuous reduction of environmental aspects arising from your business activities according to international standards.

Implementation of EMSPaket serves as a precondition for possible certification of environmental management system in accordance with international standard ISO 14001 and legislative requirements. Our consulting services are based on a quality EMS process management but also take into account the conditions of the customer. Implementation is always based upon the project which has several basic milestones. An essential starting point for each EMS implementation project is so called situational analysis according to ISO 14001 (eventually other standard, EMAS etc.). The aim of the situational analysis is the evaluation of the EMS status within the organization, including the status of process management according to standard ISO 14001 requirements. Based on the results from analysis we will suggest a schedule of work that need to be completed for successful implementation of all processes according to standard ISO 14001 and subsequent certification. Part of the implementation is concerned with the design of legislative requirements specific for your organization. Part of the implementation is concerned with the design of an optimal EMS model, including possible integration with already existing systems (e.g. QMS etc.), creation of necessary documentation, our assistance during implementation of EMS into practice and setting up of basic framework for measurements and analysis of individual processes according to CMM model.

What offers EMSPaket?

  • Implementation of environmental management system on higher quality level according to requirements of ISO 14001 consists from the following basic steps:
    • analysis of current status of environmental management system, determination of scope and identification of organization's requirements
    • creation of necessary documentation according to standard's and organization's requirements
    • assistance with implementation of individual EMS processes into company's practice
    • assistance with internal audits and determination of degree of compliance with ISO 140001 requirements after implementation of all required EMS processes
    • assistance with preparations for certification audit and during the audit itself
  • · Setting up the basic framework of processes according to ISO 14001 requirements, eventually EMAS, primarily:
    • EMS process management system
    • elaboration of EMS strategy and objectives
    • process of environmental aspects management
    • process of emergency planning and response, including the assistance in developing contingency plans for environmental threats
  • Assistance when implementing EMS procedures based on "Best Practices" and series of ISO 1400x standards
  • Assistance when setting up metrics and objectives of individual EMS processes according to CMM methodology
  • Guarantee of a fixed price for the delivered solution
  • Individual approach of our consultants, our consultants have more than 15 years of experience with the implementation of environmental management system
  • Minimum burdening of organization's staff
  • Execution of basic training for organization's employees

Duration and price

  • The total time required for these activities is depends on the support and cooperation of the customer (access to workplaces, course of activities according to the approved schedule, etc.)
  • Usually you can achieve the implementation of environmental management system in 3 - 10 months given the complexity of the processes and the size of organization
  • We will prepare the specific price quotation tailored for you company, please contact us!

EMSPaket Benefits

  • Certificate serves as evidence, that organization has managed, controlled and certified processes of environmental management system corresponding with international standards and "Best Practices"
  • Certificate will serve as an evidence for you customers and stakeholders that your EMS is audited by an independent third party which regularly checks your system
  • By implementing EMS you will get better understanding of individual aspects that arise from your activities and threaten the environment and the links between them
  • It will be easier for you to set up targets for the reduction of environmental loads from individual processes
  • Better understanding of environmental legislative requirements
  • More flexible and faster adjustments to the environmental requirements of customers
  • More efficient activities in providing information about the environmental profile of your organization

EMS - for whom it is suitable?

  • ESM is suitable for all organizations which have production facilities or provide services and theirs business activities could have an impact on environement
  • The basic objective of EMS is to provide a proof that company's manufacturing activities or services have as small as possible impact on the environment

EMS – based on what..?

  • EMS – environmental management system according to ISO 14001 is process-oriented platform for management of environmental protection in organization's conditions, which was standardized by two complementary standards ISO 14001 and ISO 14002. These standards define basic requirements and also give basic guidance for EMS implementation.
  • For successful implementation and effective operation of EMS mere compliance with standard's requirements is not enough. The system should be also implemented on the operational level and also all requirements of valid legislature related to the protection of environment should be implemented into organization's conditions.

EMS – Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001

  • EN ISO 1400x standards are internationally recognized standard that specifies requirements for environmental management system for organizations of all types
  • EN ISO 1400x standards aim to support environmental protection and prevention of pollution in balance with socio-economic needs
  • EN ISO 1400x standards provides mechanisms that help to develop strategy and competitiveness of company
  • EN ISO 1400x standards share common principles of organization's management system with ISO 9001 standard. However, it is important to bear in mind different perspectives and different objectives of both systems. Quality management systems are primarily focusing on the processes involved in meeting the needs of customers, while environmental management systems are oriented to the needs of a wide range of interested parties and on the social needs of the environmental protection.

For us always apply that:

  • Implemented system should not be an obstacle to main organization's business activities
  • Minimum of bureaucracy and maximum of benefits for the company and customer
  • With clearly and precisely defined system meet the requirements of ISO 14001 standard in the shortest time possible
  • We guarantee not only to meet the deadline of certification audit but obtaining of a certificate as well!