Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests according to ISO 27001

ISMS penetration testing service is focused to all areas of the organization, i.e. we don't focus only on penetration testing of ICT infrastructure but also looking into other parts of the organization.

The task of the penetration test is to determine the level of security of company's infrastructure, but also the object perimeter and resistance against unwanted intrusion attempts. It will respect all customer requirements, relevant standards and applicable laws.

Penetration test may consist of several variants, which will be agreed in advance with the customer.

IT infrastructure - External penetration test

External penetration test aims to check the Internet security connections and also the safety of all external services (web server, mail server, etc.) against undesirable intrusion from outside into the internal network infrastructure. External penetration test is performed by remote testing called "Front Office", using Versa Systems' methodology and tools.

IT infrastructure - Internal penetration test

Internal penetration test realistically examine individual internal security policies and mechanisms within organization that are intended to prevent employees from unauthorized access to sensitive corporate data and their possible further abuse. The possibility of intentional attempt to obtain important data is tested next to the possibility of completely random access to important data.