Vulnerability testing

We provide services for vulnerabilities testing in your infrastructure.

Vulnerability testing (MPaket27_1020) is testing of potential weaknesses in your IT infrastructure, whose goal is to find all vulnerable places that can be used for unauthorized intrusion and data theft, or for other malicious activity.

Vulnerability testing Benefits

  • By testing vulnerabilities you will get a comprehensive overview of the vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.
  • With regular testing, it is possible to monitor the evolution of the security level of your infrastructure, control of removal of weaknesses and to find, in timely manner, new emerging vulnerabilities.
  • PCI DSS compatibility - vulnerability testing (OUTSCAN24) is PCI DSS compliant

For vulnerability testing we are using HIAB or OUTSCAN

HIAB™ (Hacker In A Box) is a sophisticated system for vulnerability testing from Outpost24. With this system it is possible to test the network externally (without physical access to the network) - as hacker would do, and internally (with physical access to the network), as an internal employee with physical access to your infrastructure would use.

OUTSCAN™ is an automated SaaS security scanner that enables organizations to diagnose their external network vulnerabilities and secure sensitive data. OUTSCAN examines network perimeters, identifies vulnerabilities and inventories actionable remedies, effectively preventing cyber criminals from penetrating your network. By alerting you immediately upon detection of new threats, you remain in control and can maintain business continuity.