Document Management System


Document management system DMSPaket is designed for comprehensive administration and management of documentation especially in organizations that use controlled documentation in accordance with relevant system standards and are putting emphasis on compliance of business processes with the legislation in Czech Republic. DMSPaket can be characterized as a system environment that enables creation, receiving, manipulation, storage, selection, retention and controlled circulation of documents.

Electronic document management system DMSPaket provides a controlled flow of documents (workflow) according to user request. DSMPaket ensures the automation of a process, during which documents are passed from one user to another according to defined organization's rules. It contributes to changes of business processes, improves the organization and quality of work with documents. By implementation of standardized procedures for managing information and documents, the work efficiency will be increased. The working procedures are stored in the system and not only in the directives of the organization. Handling of individual cases will speed-up substantially. It also improves data and information mining.

Objective of the DMSPaket implementation is to provide an instant access to the proper documents, regardless of their location and format. So it is easy to obtain information about where and under what identification documents are stored, who the author is, how many different versions of the documents exist and who has access rights to them and what rights.

DMSPaket allows you to manage the entire life cycle of documents and fully complies with the requirements of current legislation and system standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, etc.