Customer Relationships Management

With the support of solutions based on MS Dynamics
  • CRM is a business strategy with aim to attract and retain customers.
  • CRM - evaluate information that allows a deeper insight into customer behavior and decision making, their individual needs and possibilities of their satisfaction.
  • We will deliver customer relationship management system specifically tailored for your company, which means that we will help you analyze the current status, optimize your business processes with respect to the administration and management of customer information.
  • We will design, process and confirm with you the optimal solution of CRM system.
  • CRM implementation time with us, thanks to the proven processes, is ranging at small and medium organizations from two to five months.
  • We will train staff in customer relationship management, administration and use of the obtained information.

Basic functions in MS CRM

CRM systems are characterized by extensive functionality, user-customized implementation and pricing. Further provide its users with the following benefits:

  • interconnection of corporate databases with CRM - making it easy to update and filtering data according to the needs and the related optimization of information flow
  • modularity of the solution - the gradual acquisition and expansion of the CRM system according to the needs
  • the possibility of integration with other information systems in the company
  • marketing programs and activities
  • campaign and list management
  • sales opportunities management
  • quotes and orders
  • information about competitors
  • automated revenues forecasting
  • marketing and sales reports
  • complexity of the system - linking the functions of marketing, sales and services across all types of channels (web, direct contact, contact centers)

Basic modules of MS CRM:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM consists of five basic modules, which ensure all needs of the organization. These are following modules:

  • Sale increases productivity of sales agents and improves their results. The management of business correspondence, shorter sales cycle, sales based on facts rather than feelings.
  • Marketing helps transform data into relevant information on which company could optimize its marketing mix. Creation of marketing campaigns, management of sales opportunities, quotes and orders, information and competition analysis, marketing intelligence.
  • Services - help transform mere interaction with customers into a trusted relationship. Call tracking, book of answers, change requests, handling of complaints, registration of service contracts.
  • Analytical tools allow qualified decisions based on business data.
  • Workflow (work procedures) is used to automate repetitive work tasks and to optimize business processes.

Advantages of MS CRM:

  • Easy to use - CRM environment is very user friendly and virtually identical to the Microsoft Office environment, so that ordinary users are able to use MS CRM after 1-2 day training.
  • Functionality - in terms of the functionality scope the MS CRM is one of the most common CRM systems with the most dynamic growth of installations in last two years.
  • Full integration with MS Outlook and integration with MS Office (use of mass correspondence etc.).
  • Modifiability - MS CRM can be edited virtually unlimited, and thereby adapt the application practices to each organization.
  • Large number of preset user imports.
  • Revised Web client.
  • Possibilities of creating and setting up workflow rules.

For whom is MS CRM?

Whether you have five or thousands of employees, the MS Dynamics CRM product can increase the success of your business and help improving customer relations. MS Dynamics CRM is an affordable solution that will help your organization to automate and optimize the strategy for managing customer relationships. It provides access to current information to employees across the organization and new possibilities, how to respond to them. MS CRM system has general design, it is not focused on one specific industry or type of organization. MS CRM is used by companies in the business and production type, is used by the organizations offering services, insurance companies and banks and government institutions, etc.

What problems will MS CRM solve for you:

  • effective customer relationship management
  • selection of the target group from customers' profiles
  • measuring of productivity and performance of marketing activities
  • automation of communication with the customer

Benefits of the CRM implementation in company:

... competitiveness

  • increase of company's competitiveness on market, retaining of existing clients, effective detection of customer satisfaction (the requirement of ISO 9001)
  • improving relationships with customers (in accordance with ISO 9004, ISO 20000 and ITIL)
  • easier to gain new customers, faster availability and transparency of information about customers

... Your satisfaction

  • improvement of organization and management of contacts with customers within the organization
  • usage of gained information by all organization's departments
  • linkages with internal information system and accounting
  • choice of effective method for offering new products and services
  • maximum readiness for the next meeting with the customer
  • understanding of customer motives - why he/she is contacting us
  • the possibility of interconnection with other systems