SKOL-16-IA Internal Auditor according to ISO TS 16949

  • The course will take you through the basic principles and rules of audit of quality management system in the automotive industry (QMS/TS).
  • It will teach you how to successfully and professionally audit QMS/TS according to ISO TS 16949.
  • It will introduce the process of internal audit of QMS/TS its specific requirements with regard to automotive industry, its planning, implementation, presentation etc. You will be able to try different phases of QMS/TS internal audit on case studies and practical workshops
The course is completed with a written exam. If you pass the exam successfully, a certificate QMS/TS Internal Auditor will be issued to you. This course builds on the course manager QMS according to ISO 9001. The course assumes knowledge of the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 and ISO 19011.