Privacy policy

Usage of the server does not require providing any personal data. In the case that visitor wants to use some special services of the server, he/she will be ask to complete simple registration which includes some basic personal information whose protection and usage is further specified by following paragraphs.
Some data collected during usage of the server could be considered as personal data as referred by Act No. 101/2000 Coll. the Protection of Personal Data (further referred as "Law"). Company Versa Systems s.r.o. fully adheres to this Law and makes every effort to protect the user's personal data when visiting server www.versasys.czh údajů ve smyslu zákona č. 101/2000 Sb. o ochraně osobních údajů, v platném znění (dále jen Zákon). Společnost Versa Systems s.r.o. se tímto zákonem plně řídí a činí vše pro to, aby osobní údaje uživatelů serveru ochránila.


  • Registration collects only the personal information necessary to fulfill the visitor's request
  • Versa Systems s.r.o. only collects "sensitive" personal information when the relevant individuals voluntarily provide us with this information
  • All visitor's data collected during the registration procedure are stored on a secure server
  • Collected information will be used only by Versa Systems s.r.o. employees and won't be provided or sold to third parties.
  • Server and its operator Versa Systems s.r.o. reserves the right to use customers' emails to provide them with information to fulfill their requests for articles and newsletters, for surveys or research questionnaires or to contact them for marketing purposes concerning the new services on server Each registered user has the right to restrict the sending of such information from server, either at registration or by answering any of the sent messages.
  • Versa Systems s.r.o. will do everything in its power to protect user's data from misusage and they won't be provided to third parties. This commitment is not binding to date which might be required by Police or other legislative body according to valid legislation

Extension of required information:

  • In the case of contest, quizzes and other similar activities, the server might require additional personal information from participants which are necessary to verify their accuracy in accordance to valid legislation, or to inform, in the future, the potential winners or to distribute the results according to earlier published conditions. Such extended information won't be provided to third parties
  • Any information which is provided to third parties by user of the server during purchase of products, services or other activity which is arranged by server are protected by rules of that business partner and they are not covered by this agreement.

Server user rights

According to the Law, each user who provided personal information has the right to request in writing from the information administrator (Versa Systems s.r.o.) what kind of personal information is processed about him/her by administrator.