ICS and SCADA security

Industrial, infrastructure and facility processes

SCADA networks include systems which are used to control and monitor key functions in the area of industrial, infrastructure and facility processes, such as electricity generators and distribution, oil and gas pipelines, telecommunications, waterworks, airports and nuclear power plants. To compromise any component of these ICS and SCADA systems can have serious effects on the critical infrastructure and delivery of services on which we depend every day. It is therefore extremely important to ensure the effective implementation and management of appropriate security controls that will protect the systems against cyber threats and attacks.

Based on our many years of experience in security we can offer YOU services to enhance the security and resilience against attacks of yours ICS and SCADA systems. The initial phase of such project is the assessment of the current security settings to reveal the possible threats and vulnerabilities which might be exploited and thus need to be resolved immediately by implementing the security measures recommended to you by our experts and best practices – e.g. removing or blocking of services, introduction of IPS and IDS with 24/7 incident monitoring, an ongoing risk management and others. Our consultants and experts will be fully available to you during all these phases.