Data management system

Data management and hot to implement it in the company

Effective management of companies’ data is becoming an important requirement in all types of organizations, due to the growing number of legally binding regulations and compliance requirements, within the business processes (compliance management). Data management or data management system is a comprehensive system of administration and management of data/information throughout the data lifecycle (i.e. Data life cycle management – DLM). This is the process of managing the flow of documented information from their creation, processing and storing until they become obsolete and have to be destroyed.

To implement quality and efficient DLM is a time consuming process and just because of that the company Versa Systems is offering YOU its experience to fulfill all the tasks which are required to meet the definition of effective DLM system. These activities include the development of policies for management, analysis and data processing, system integration of DLM with other company’s processes, data protection and data sources identification, segregation and proper storage.