Compliance management

What does compliance management in organizations‘ environment means

Compliance management in corporate environment means ensuring the compliance with regulations and legislation that directly affects the company. The aim of all this is to ensure that all employees understand all the arising requirements and what tasks/responsibilities they have. The requirements of various regulations, norms regulative, but also any contractual obligations and commitments must be integrated into all corporate processes. Furthermore, the noncompliance process, so called nonconformity management, will be created to ensure rectification of found nonconformities arising from the non-compliance.

Versa Systems can advise you how such control system implement so that it will be in line with internationally accepted and recognized standards (e.g. ISO 19600) which will subsequently increase company’s reputation in the eyes of its customers, suppliers and stakeholders. We can help YOU with both, the implementation of the whole “compliance management” and also with the development of individual internal policies and regulations for separate legal areas – for example Anti Money Laundering Policy (AML), Know Your Customer policy (KYC), etc.