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    Versa Systems is a specialized consulting company with main focus on business process management, integrated management systems and system integration. When supplying our solutions, products and services we integrate the experience from business processes, change and knowledge management, and ICT management with program and project management, so we could provide effective and business solutions to our customers. Our strategy is to provide solutions "ON DEMAND", i.e. we are trying to resolve the requirements and problems of our customers which they don't know how to solve them. To our customers, we follow the motto: "Tell us your problem and we will solve it for you"

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    • Business Process Management
    • Quality Management System
    • Information Security Management System
    • Project Management
    • IT service management
    • Environmental Management System
    • Quality management system with the specific requirements for automotive industry
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Information and Content Lifecycle Management

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    • Professional Courses and training
    • Customer Relationships Management with the support of solutions based on MS Dynamics
    • Document Management System
    • Complex system for operation, monitoring and control of compliance in ISMS
    • Comprehensive software for managing and monitoring of enterprise networks
    • AdminGuard (EAG) - software for monitoring of administrators' activities

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    • Outsourcing of management systems maintenance
    • Maintenance of management systems after certification
    • Outsourcing of internal audits
    • Services for vulnerabilities testing in your infrastructure.
    • Penetration tests according to ISO 27001
    • Outsourcing of Security Manager function

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    We strive to establish long-term collaborative partnerships with our customers and become their trusted partner.

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    reference uvod

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Training calendar

Courses are focused on acquiring basic knowledge, which has been successfully tested in practice on EU projects at home and abroad.
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Certificates and awards

We pay close attention to continuously increase our professional level, which we can prove with a number of certificates.


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Case studies

The ISMS implementation according to PCI DSS requirements is not an ordinary project, as is the case with ISMS implementation according to ISO/IEC 27001.


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